20th Annual Breakin’ Up Winter

Registration is beginning!

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We are dedicated to sharing and promoting Old-Time music.

NOTSBA is open to anyone who has a love for Old-Time music. Musicians of all ages and abilities are welcome.

We meet at least five times a month – the first four (and sometimes the fifth) Thursday night for old-time jams, and the fourth Sunday for an afternoon pot-luck and jam session in a special location each month hosted by various NOTSBA members and friends.

We have a performance group that plays for special events, festivals, and dances in the Middle Tennessee area throughout the year. These are generally not “jam band” presentations, but rather the result of rehearsals and sometimes special arrangements that accommodate singing.

In addition, NOTSBA hosts each year the Breakin’ Up Winter old-time music retreat at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

Watch the Web site and your email (are you subscribed?) for the upcoming schedule.

We began as an outgrowth of classes at Stratford/East Nashville Community Education and evolved into an IRS-recognized free-standing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

NOTSBA is a member-supported organization. To learn more about membership in NOTSBA and to show your support for our work by becoming a member, please visit our membership page.

For information about NOTSBA, send an email to:
or simply drop in at attend any of our scheduled events.


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