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If you are new to old-time, or just looking for ideas about who to listen to, here’s a list of names you can plug in at Rhapsody, iTunes, Pandora, or your favorite online source.

  • Alan Jabbour
  • Alice Gerrard
  • Art Stamper
  • Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  • Benton Flippen
  • Bib City Ramblers
  • Bob Carlin
  • Bruce Greene
  • Buddy Thomas
  • Butch Baldassari
  • Cathy Fink
  • Charlie Poole
  • Clarence “Tom” Ashley
  • Clark Kessinger
  • Clyde Davenport
  • Dan Gellert
  • David Holt
  • Dirk Powell
  • Doc Boggs
  • Doc Watson
  • Ernest Stoneman
  • Erynn Marshall
  • Fog Horn String Band
  • Fred Cockerham
  • Fuzzy Mountain String Band
  • Hazel Dickens
  • Highwoods Stringband
  • Hobart Smith
  • James Bryan
  • Jim Griffith
  • John Salyer
  • JP Fraley
  • Ken Perlman
  • Ken Waldman
  • Mac Benford
  • Mike Seeger
  • Mississippi Sheiks
  • New Lost City Ramblers
  • Norman & Nancy Blake
  • Owen “Snake” Chapman
  • Paul David Smith
  • Ralph Blizard
  • Raymond Fairchild
  • Riley Puckett
  • Snuffy Jenkins
  • The Charles River Valley Boys
  • The Dry Branch Fire Squad
  • The Original Red Clay Ramblers
  • The Skillet Lickers
  • The Tune Dogs
  • Tom Adams
  • Tom, Brad, and Alice
  • Tommy Jarrell
  • Period Clothing & Accessories
    Audio Tools To Try

    ABC Tools

    Use ABC software to turn midi files into notation or tab.

    Amazing Slow-Downer

    Use this to slow tunes down to learning space, mark off sections to repeat as you play along.
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