Fifth Sunday Jam @ the Kent Home

September 29, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Join Us For An Old Time Singing Jam

If you enjoy singing, or enjoy playing music for those who sing, please join us for a Fifth Sunday Singing Jam, at the home of Don and Darlyne Kent, 1424 Breckenridge Court, Whites Creek, on Sunday, September 29, 2:00 – 4:30-5:00ish, depending on how our voices hold out… ?

You may have a song you would like to introduce to the group, or a favorite traditional old-time or gospel song we already play; please come and share. Some songs have sing-along choruses and it would be helpful if you brought several copies of those choruses so we can all join in. Feel free to bring sheet music to share with the musicians.

We can cover words for some of the traditional old-time songs we already play, i.e., Cindy, Cluck Old Hen, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, or some traditional Gospel songs… the list goes on. Plus we can sing some of the ones we already do in our jams.

Our focus is to have fun, and enjoy singing, whether it is the lead part or a sing-along chorus. I’ve always thought that it’s not necessary to have a “pretty” voice for old-time, you just want to be convincing, and anyone can sing a song! There will be no pressure!!!!  Come join us. Snacks are optional, but we’ll have those when we finish singing. We will have plenty of water to wet your whistle.  —  Darlyne and Don Kent


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