Fourth Sunday Jams

A huge thank you goes out to all the jam hosts and hostesses from 2018! We’ve had memorable gatherings at each and every one. We so appreciate your opening up your home to NOTSBA members and friends; your kindness genuinely strengthens the musical bond that holds us together.

2018 Fourth Sunday Jam Schedule

January 28 – Gretchen and Tim May
February 25 – Paul Casner
March 25 – Paul Hart
*April 22 – Gayle and Rob Roepke
May 27 – Julie and Eddy Hudson
June 24 – Mary Alice Bernal
*July 22 – Todd Wright
August 26 – Don and Darlyne Kent
*September 23 – Susie Coleman and Kirk Pickering
October 28 – Julie and Eddy Hudson
November 25 – Gretchen & Tim May
*December 23 – ______________________

*Denotes a 5-Sunday month. Jams are held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

It’s time to sign up to host a Fourth Sunday Jam in 2019!

If you would like to host during 2019, please email Darlyne Kent Jams are held from 2:00-5:30-ish on the fourth Sunday of each month. Hosts are responsible for sponsoring in your home or another venue such as a church, community center or park. Hosts are asked to provide plates, napkins, flatware, and drinks. Jammers will bring snacks and chairs if so advised.

2019 Host Commitments, to date

January 27 –
February 24 –
* March 24 –
April 28 – Gayle and Rob Roepke
May 26 –
* June 23 –
July 28 –
August 25–
* September 22 – Susie Coleman and Kirk Pickering
October 27 –
November 24 –
* December 22 –

*Denotes a 5-Sunday month. Jams are held on the fourth Sunday.

The full 2019 Fourth Sunday Jam list will be distributed soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Darlyne.

Once you’ve signed up, you can forward directions and contact information to our webmaster Susie Coleman at and she will publish location information on the website including a GoogleMap. A week out, Cody Engdahl sends a reminder which includes directions to your jam. Don and I have designated August, however, if that is a month you would prefer to host, we will be glad to exchange that month.

— Darlyne Kent



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