Breakin’ Up Winter 23  /  March 1-4, 2018

Detailed Schedule of Events

Schedule subject to change.

All events below take place in the Assembly Hall unless otherwise noted.



Evening Arrive anytime after 3:00 PM. If you are pre-registered, your name badges and packets will be at the Cedar Forest Lodge; on site registration will be also available at the Cedar Forest Lodge and cabin holders can pick up their keys there. Doris Fisher always hosts a wonderful potluck dinner, starting at 5pm in Cabin #10, followed by an old-time jam at the Cedar Forest Lodge.


8:15a Registration opens | Coffee, tea and snacks are provided
All day and evening jamming at the Cedar Forest Lodge
9:00-9:15a WELCOME | Roby Cogswell, Master of Ceremonies
9:15-10:00a Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Matthews | Mountain View Fiddlers & Fiddle Tunes
We will discuss various aspects of Billy’s 500 fiddle tune project and upcoming book. Special perspective on transcriptions plus a unique view of Billy’s authentic fiddle style by Emily Elam.
10:00-10:45a Rachel Eddy | How To Gently Lead A Jam
A study in gentle and positive jam leadership skills, like how to get a group of folks playing a new tune without yelling chords at them and intimidating the beginners, while utilizing the stronger players to help lead as well. Bring your fiddle.
10:45-11:30a Brad Leftwich | Oklahoma’s History In Fiddle Tunes
Oklahoma’s repertoire of fiddle tunes reflect important events and eras of its history. Brad and wife Linda Higginbotham will present a lecture and demonstration on tunes that tell the story.
12:00-12:45p LUNCH | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
1:30p Wax Cylinder Recording Demonstration | In the Nature Center with Martin Fisher
1:00-1:30p Roby Cogswell | Old Time Music in Middle Tennessee: A Regional Perspective
Roby Cogswell always comes up with some interesting information about old-time musicians from our fair state.
1:30-2:30p John Schwab | Guitar Workshop |Tennessee Backup Guitar at 78 rpm
John Schwab cranks up Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine to show how 78 rpm records will give up their subtle tricks when they’re slowed down. We’ll sample a few classic recordings of Tennessee string bands and steal some great licks from the masters of the 1920s. Yeah, the fiddling is pretty nice, but get a load of that backup guitar!
2:30-3:30p Mark Campbell | Fiddle Workshop| Old Guys Bowing Styles: Lessons From The Masters
This workshop is about bowing styles used by some of most respected old-time fiddlers of yesterday.
3:30-4:30p Mac Traynham | Harmonica Workshop | Harmonica in Old Time Music
Bring your harmonicas to Mac’s workshop to better understand its role in old-time string band music.
4:30-5:30p Open Jam with the Sunny Mountain Boys | Assembly Hall

Slow Jam | Cedar Forest Lodge

6:00-6:45p DINNER | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
7:30-8:00p Rachel Eddy
8:00-8:30p Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews & The Old Time Players
8:30-9:00p Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham
 9:00p  OPEN JAMMING | Cedar Forest Lodge


8:00-8:30a BREAKFAST | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
8:15a Registration opens | Coffee, tea and snacks are provided
All day and evening jamming at the Cedar Forest Lodge
9:00-9:15a WELCOME | Todd Wright
9:15-10:00a John Schwab | The Field Recorders’ Collective: Linking the Past With the Future
Sometimes the most radical thing you can do to move ahead is to go backwards.” Where’d the Field Recorders’ Collective come from, and what’s it do? Hear samples from some of John’s favorite FRC albums, and get a sneak peak at some of the FRC’s upcoming projects.
10:00-10:45a Mark Campbell | The Stately Way: Bowing and Melodies of Emmett Lundy
10:45-11:30a Mac Traynham | The Mystique of the Fretless Banjo
Tunes, tunings and techniques for getting that ‘older’ banjo sound will be discussed and demonstrated by Mac on his self-made fretless banjo. Mac will show how he uses his fretless banjo to create cool ‘antique’ sounding versions of certain old-time banjo tunes that he has heard played by old master players of fretted banjos. Bring your G C A & D harps if you have them, G & C at least.
12:00-12:45p LUNCH | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
1:00-1:30p 2018 NOTSBA Heritage Award | Thomas Maupin, recipient
1:30-2:30p Rachel Eddy | Bowing Technique: The Real Old-Timey Way
(Level: Intermediate/Advanced) This fiddle workshop will focus primarily on how to help your fiddling sound old-timey and more driving. It will be geared toward learning how to use bow pulses, bowing phrases, and note combinations to give fiddle tunes a shape. In learning these things we will also explore ways to be more consistent players, and how important that is in terms of leadership in jams. This will not be a repertoire-heavy class, but rather using a tune that utilizes certain helpful techniques, and really working hard to know it before you leave. There will be lots of playing time, as fingers on strings is the best way to take home what you learn!
2:30-3:30p Brad Leftwich | Dock Boggs’ “Oh Death” on Banjo
Dock Boggs had an unusual and interesting three-finger banjo picking style. It’s not complicated, so even if you don’t have much (or any) experience with finger picking, here’s a very good place (and very cool song) to start with.
3:30-4:30p Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews | Fiddlin’ By Ear
Billy has conducted a fiddle workshop in Mountain View Arkansas for 16 years. He invites you to join in on a session of learning by ear and communicating from sight to brain to fingers. Come and learn from this ace instrumentalist.
4:30-5:30p JAM | with Brad Leftwich, Linda Higginbotham, Rachel Eddy & Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy | Assembly Hall

SLOW JAM | Cedar Forest Lodge with Mary Alice Bernal

6:00-6:45p DINNER | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
7:30-8:00p Sunny Mountain Serenaders
8:00-9:00p BUW String Band (all our presenters) | Daniel Rothwell and Louis Frazor calling
OPEN JAMMING | Cedar Forest Lodge


8:30-9:30a BRUNCH | Group Lodge (requires meal ticket)
10:00a Cabin checkout time
10:30-11:30a Gospel and Shape Note Singing with Rick Fretter, Cedar Forest Lodge



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