2018 Fourth Sunday Jam Hosts

Each month NOTSBA holds a Sunday Jam on the 4th Sunday of the month beginning at 2:00 and ending around 6:00 p.m. or earlier. These jams are held in the homes of members, or sometimes sponsored by a member at an alternate location. If you would like to host a 4th Sunday jam in 2018, please forward an email to me at dkent@davidsonacademy.com specifying the month you wish to host.

The host is responsible for a location (your home, a park, or other location), flatware, plates, cups, and drinks. Jam attendees bring snacks and chairs, at your request.

You can forward directions and contact information to our webmaster Susie Coleman at susieco@comcast.net and she will publish the information on the website including a GoogleMap0. Phil Sparks sends a monthly reminder and will also include directions to your jam. Don and I have designated August, however, if that is a month you would prefer to host, we will be glad to exchange that month.

A huge thank you goes out to all the jam hosts and hostesses for 2018!

— Darlyne Kent


2018 – Confirmed

January 28 – Gretchen and Tim May
February 25 – Paul Casner
March 25 – Paul Hart
*April 22 – Gayle and Rob Roepke
May 27 – Julie and Eddy Hudson
June 24 – Mary Alice Bernal
*July 22 – Todd Wright
August 26 – Don and Darlyne Kent
*September 23 – Susie Coleman and Kirk Pickering
October 28 – Julie and Eddy Hudson
November 25 – Gretchen & Tim May
*December 23 – ______________________

*Denotes a 5-Sunday month. Jams are held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

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